The Role of Pentecostal Worship in Virtues Development


Agustinus Dermawan


As the readers may already knew, this author grew up in Pentecostal

tradition, and I know that one of the primary characteristics of

Pentecostalism is worship. I agree with what Robert Mapes Anderson said,

"The heart of Pentecostalism is the worship service." In the same sense,

Daniel Albrecht strongly believes too that the Pentecostal service lies at the

heart of the Pentecostal/Charismatic spirituality. The fact that how

important is worship in Pentecostal tradition draws my attention. It makes

me to raise a question, "How significant is worship in the Pentecostal

community?" or let me put it in more active question, "What is the role of

Pentecostal worship in community?"



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